Johannesburg Programme 2019


Useful and Beautiful Women in Tech ZA


Women in Tech & Digital

10 July 2019


Featuring an all-female speaker line-up, the event is for anyone (women and men) already in the technology and digital space looking to master their skills. Tech and digital marketing are often seen as discrete sectors and part of what the event aims to do is bring them closer together – in discussion and in practise thereafter.

This event is tailored to showcase the high degree of skills and expertise we have in the tech sector, and specifically among women in tech, who are very under-represented at events as speakers and delegates. That said, and while the name and content are tailored to women delegates, we want to make it clear the conference is for everyone.

08:00 – 08:55
Refreshments, Registration and Networking
09:00 – 09:05
Samantha Perry – Co-founder of Women in Tech ZA
09:05 – 09:45
KEYNOTE: My personal leadership journey
Kholeka Tsotsotso – CIO Development Bank of Southern Africa
  • As one of the few female CIOs in South Africa, Kholeka Tsotsotso will be sharing her personal journey on how she got to be top of her field.
  • For the last 25 years, she has been spearheading technology and digital transformation across various industry sectors that include Financial Services, Telecommunications, Oil & Energy and Manufacturing and Education.
  • Kholeka currently serves as the Chief Information Officer of the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA). Her responsibilities in this role are centered around building and leading a team of high performing individuals as they deliver on the organisation’s digital transformation strategy and aligning ICT with core business imperatives. Being a Southern Africa focused institution, Kholeka’s role has an impact on the socio-economic development objectives of 16 African countries.
  • Kholeka’s passion to give back has seen her regularly sharing her knowledge and experiences when asked by people she has met through networks be it at church events, women investment clubs and youth development groups. One of her goals this year is to reach more STEM aspirants, graduates and professionals through networking and speaking engagements, particularly in the ICT sector.
09:45 – 10:15
KEYNOTE: Oh, the lessons I’ve learned! My experiences as an African entrepreneur
Barbara Mallinson – Founder and CEO of Obami
  • Building a startup is no easy task, building an ed-tech startup in Africa borders on insanity!
  • Over the past decade, Obami has been disrupting the status quo in education, learning and development – but it hasn’t been without its ups and downs.
  • In this talk, Barbara Mallinson will recount her experiences of starting and growing Obami, and show how the journey has educated her in ways that she never quite expected.
10:15 – 10:45
KEYNOTE: Integrating the Silos of Tech and Digital to create purposeful solutions
Lynette Hundermark – Co-founder and CPO of Useful & Beautiful
  • When a digital product fails, who gets the blame? Quite often it’s the tech team that takes a hit and of recent years it’s the digital marketing team. Why is this the case?
  • What about the customer’s needs, do they matter?
  • Are you using the latest technology as a tick box exercise, or to genuinely solve a customer/business problem? How do we break down these silos as one team?
10:45 – 10:55
11:00 – 11:30
KEYNOTE: Female entrepreneurship in CyberSecurity
Anna Collard – Founder and Managing Director of Popcorn Training – a KnowBe4 Company
  • Why the Cyber Security industry is providing amazing platforms for a variety of skills and talents.
  • Opportunities for women.
11:30 – 12:00
KEYNOTE: Leading Social Entrepreneurship
Thandi Dyani – CEO of Impact Hub Johannesburg
  • Enabling entrepreneurs in Denmark and S.A.
  • Finding one’s path through purpose
  • Simplifying tech for women in music.
12:00 – 12:30
KEYNOTE: The death knell of stereotypes in the tech and digital worlds – finding creative ways to accommodate and take advantage of gender diversity
Ingrid Lotze – Co-founder Hers&His

Products like Amazon Echo and Apple’s Siri are set to sound female by default, and people usually refer to the software as “her.” Did you know that the recent United Nations Report for the EQUALS Skills Coalition calls for companies to stop making digital assistants female by default and explore ways to make them sound “genderless.” The report says by making most AI voice assistants gendered as young women we are embedding bias. This is just one of many ways that we see stereotypes in the tech and digitals worlds.

This talk will look at:

  • How we accommodate for stereotypes in the workplace.
  • How we take advantage of the current focus on gender diversity by finding a new language to discuss diversity and inclusion that is not about lack but more about the narrative of human symphony.
  • How we evolve our definition of masculinity and femininity because stereotypes start in the home.
  • How we need to expose the gender biases being hard-coded into the technology products that are playing an increasingly big role in our everyday lives.
12:30 – 13:15
13:20 – 13:50
KEYNOTE: Becoming a digital master – Beyond the Technology
Rapelang Rabana – Founder and Chair of Rekindle Learning
  • Driving digital transformation in an organisation is about much more than learning about digital or exponential technologies. At the end of the day, professional and executives with all the training and knowledge of digital technologies, will still struggle to achieve digital transformation initiatives.
  • Deep, transformative change is not the highly academic and mechanical process that we may have been taught. It stems from a more subtle and organic place that requires us to leverage the lived experience and perspectives our life journey has enabled us to build. It requires that the environment we operate in is conducive to the values and behaviours we seek to build. It requires that we consistently find the courage to go past the fears and inhibitions that surround any change process.

Rapelang brings her experience as a technology entrepreneur and the principles that have empowered her journey.

13:50 – 14:20
KEYNOTE: Taking risks, failing and coming back strong!
Darlene Menzies – CEO Finfind
14:20 – 15:00
PANEL: Tech in action
Moderated by Samantha Perry – Co-founder of Women in Tech ZA

This panel will delve into technology in action, particularly AI, Machine Learning and Data Science.

Panellists include:

  • Pelonomi Moiloa – Data Scientist, Nedbank
  • Bianca Minnaar – CEO, Bonsai Solutions
  • Carla de Bruin – Actuarial Team Manager, OUTsurance
15:00 – 15:20
KEYNOTE: How podcasts are becoming your new personal radio
Gillian Ezra – Senior VP: Digital and Mobile Services, TRACE
  • Everything goes back to the personal experience in music tech.
  • The evolution of music tech.
15:20 – 15:30
15:35 – 16:05
KEYNOTE: From Blogger to global eSports Personality – Breaking the gender barriers in the gaming industry
Samantha Wright – Founder of Tech Girl
  • How to use digital media to grow your career.
  • Making the jump to international work.
  • The pitfalls of social media as part of your “job”.
16:05 – 16:35
KEYNOTE: Advanced Digital Marketing
Jacqui Mackway-Wilson – Founder of GoSocial SA
  • How to get the best out of social media for your business.
16:35 – 16:55
KEYNOTE: Maintaining balance and flow
Ashnie Muthusamy – Group Talent Management at Sun International
  • Ashnie will explore how women should nurture themselves holistically in all life dimensions.
  • Know, Be and Accept Yourself.
  • Change Your Thinking.
  • Optimise your energy.
16:55 – 17:00

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