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Women in Tech & Digital Conference

Johannesburg: 10 JULY 2019, 09:00-17:00
OUTsurance Auditorium, 1241 Embankment Rd, Zwartkop Ext 7, Centurion

Cape Town: was on 12 JUNE 2019

Why Attend?

Featuring an all-female speaker line-up, the event is for anyone (women and men) already in the technology and digital space looking to master their skills. Tech and digital marketing are often seen as discrete sectors and part of what the event aims to do is bring them closer together – in discussion and in practise thereafter. We also want to touch on more complex topics like how to retain women in the sector and creative ways we can accommodate their responsibilities and roles outside the workplace, that often cause them to drop out of tech once they get married or have children, for example. This event is tailored to showcase the high degree of skills and expertise we have in the tech sector, and specifically among women in tech, who are very under-represented at events as speakers and delegates. That said, and while the name and content are tailored to women delegates, we want to make it clear the conference is for everyone.

“It is always a great pleasure for the CoLab for e-Inclusion and Social Innovation at UWC to support the wonderful work of our partners like Lynette Hundermark. Building an inclusive technology ecosystem in the Western Cape and South Africa is critical in creating meaningful employment and innovative social solutions to many societal challenges. We will definitely be at the event.”
The Western Cape Colab Team, UWC

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01 Entrepreneurship at any age

02 Demystifying AI and other tech trends

03 Creating purposeful solutions

04 Advanced digital marketing

05 Self-care

Our industry expert speaker line-up includes

Kholeka Tsotsotso
Development Bank of Southern Africa
Kholeka Tsotsotso

Kholeka Tsotsotso is an esteemed corporate professional who brings 25 years of solid experience in technology strategy development and execution, business development as well as technology and business operations. She is an alumnus of Insead, De Montfort University, Gordon Business School and is a standing PhD candidate at the Da Vinci Institute.

Kholeka has served in board positions within a number of organisations in Sub Saharan Africa. She is currently serving as a Non-Executive Director of Hitachi Vantara South Africa. Her previous board and executive committee positions include Phumani Paper, Astute: The Financial Services Exchange and VitalityLife Limited (UK). Kholeka is a standing member of the Business Women’s Association of South Africa (BWSA), Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) as well as the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa.

Her values of integrity, excellence and continuous improvement have made a notable impact in multinational organisations across industry sectors. To date, she has served in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Oil & Energy and Manufacturing and Education sectors.

An avid advocate for the upliftment and empowerment of young people, Kholeka has a keen focus on issues which pertain to the access to STEM education for young girls and women in South Africa. She is an active sponsor of the Future Skills Programme, which is a Career Development programme that identifies, informs, matches and manages high potential young people from low income areas in line with the unique needs of corporate clients, government departments and state-owned entities.

Rapelang Rabana
Rekindle Learning
Rapelang Rabana

Featured on the cover of ForbesAfrica magazine before the age of 30, selected as a FastCompany Maverick, named Entrepreneur for the World by the World Entrepreneurship Forum and selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum – Rapelang is an internationally lauded technology entrepreneur.

From her first startup, straight out of university, Yeigo, to Chief Digital Officer at one of South Africa’s largest IT companies, Rapelang has amassed over 13 years’ experience building tech. She is currently the Founder and Chair of Rekindle Learning, a dynamic learning-tech company providing smart learning applications that improve learning outcomes.

Anna Collard
Popcorn Training – a KnowBe4 company
Anna Collard

Anna Collard is the founder and managing director of Popcorn Training Pty Ltd – a company that promotes Cyber & Information Security awareness training by using innovative, story-based techniques making complex content simple to understand.

Anna has been working in the information security field for 16 years assisting corporates across South Africa, Europe and the US keeping their information assets safe. Anna is a certified information privacy professional (CIPP/IT), a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP), a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), an ISO 27001 implementer and lead auditor, a Business Analyst and used to be a Visa/Mastercard Qualified Security Auditor (QSA).

US-based Cyber Security Awareness Training giant KnowBe4 acquired Popcorn Training in March 2018. Anna maintains her role as Popcorn Training CEO – a KnowBe4 company.

Thandi Dyani
Impact Hub Johannesburg
Thandi Dyani

Thandi’s professional life is loud and creative. She’s been playing music as a DJ, teaching women and youth about tech and DJ’ing, communication and history, advocating for South African culture through music and rocking dance floor magic for more than 20 years.

Creativity is also present in Thandi’s day to day work and she is passionate about building communities, connecting people and to make socially innovative ideas come to life. She has worked to do just that in the social entrepreneurship, social innovation and global development field for more than 15 years. Always with that special focus on youth, enabling impact startups, coworking and music – all in an African context, which today is as CEO of Impact Hub Johannesburg.

Her journey includes launching a NGO, building social innovation hubs, advising social entrepreneurs, working for the Development Agency in Denmark and currently, Thandi also leads the impact venture philantropic investment efforts of One Life Foundation.

Thandi is South African and Danish.

Barbara Mallinson
Barbara Mallinson

Barbara Mallinson is the Founder and CEO of Obami – a digital learning solutions company that’s been recognised by the likes of Forbes, CNN and Business Insider as one of the most innovative technologies in the world, as well as one of best start ups to come out of Africa.

Mallinson was identified as one of the Mail & Guardian’s “Top 200 Young People to Take to Lunch”, and has been branded an IT Hero, as well as one of Cape Town’s top 10 Women in Business, by the Cape IT Initiative. She’s been recognised by UNESCO as one of 21 young people changing the world, while the likes of IT Web Africa, CNN, Forbes and the Financial Mail, identified her as one of Africa’s top entrepreneurs and women in business.

Mallinson, who holds a number of local and international advisory board roles, has also featured as one of IT Web’s Top 5 SA IT Personalities as well as one of the Top Woman in ICT by the South African Communications Forum. Mallinson was selected as an “Inspiring Fifty” woman by the Consulate of the Netherlands and was a recipient of the Social Entrepreneur Award presented by AWIEF (African Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum).

Ashnie Muthusamy
Sun International
Ashnie Muthusamy
Ashnie has a degree in psychology, a master’s diploma in human resources management and a master’s degree in leadership. She is a qualified master’s practitioner in neurolinguistics programming and an accredited change practitioner. She is also an author of the book “Succession Management: Definite Do’s and Detrimental Don’ts.” For the last 20 years she has worked in the field of talent management in various large scale organisations. She presently heads up the talent management function in Sun International. She is a frequent speaker globally in the various fields of human resources and is passionate about optimizing human potential.
Sam Wright
Tech Girl
Sam Wright

Sam “Tech Girl” Wright is a technology and gaming YouTuber and blogger who entered the world of esports broadcasting in 2016. She quickly cemented herself as a leading host, interviewer and MC for gaming and technology events in South Africa, and has since worked at various esports events in Europe and Asia, including Overwatch Contenders.

Sam has played a significant role in many major esports and gaming events in South Africa, including the VS Masters 2016 Finals and 2017 Samsung Galaxy CSGO Championship.

Sam’s blog,, is one of the leading technology and gaming blogs in South Africa. She’s also branched out to YouTube and Twitch, where she produces behind-the-scenes vlogs of events, live streams gameplay and interviews popular gaming personalities.

Sam has made appearances on international shows such as GinxTV, in addition to appearing on some of South Africa’s most renowned television and radio shows. She currently has a segment on 5fm (a national youth radio station) with a focus on gaming.

Pelonomi Moiloa
Pelonomi Moiloa
Pelonomi has been working on data solutions since her Biomedical and Electrical engineering undergraduate days as a vacation worker, intern and then mentor for the DSIDE (Data science for Impact and Decision Enablement) programme at the CSIR. She has very recently returned from Japan where she completed her Masters in Biomedical Engineering with a specific focus on Neural Networks for identifying neurons in neural activity videos. While in Japan, she organized the TEDxTohokuUniversity AI Salon, a bilingual event which aimed to give people with varying degrees of AI familiarity a technical introduction to how AI works in order to enable engaging conversations regarding the implications of AI with a specific focus on bias and ethics. With a passion for the societal implications of current technologies her reintroduction into the South African Machine learning community was through the Deep Learning IndabaX as a member of the opening panel discussion and as a speaker on AI bias and ethics issues specific to Machine learning and within the African context. She has also dived right in to coding initiatives specifically focused on youth digital development. She is currently a Data Scientist at Nedbank working on Machine learning solutions within the Data Services and Data Driven Intelligence team.
Jacqui Mackway-Wilson
GoSocial SA
Jacqui Mackway-Wilson

With a background in education which led her into the publishing industry, Jacqui broke new ground by launching South Africa’s only first-ever, monthly glossy magazine for teachers in 2007. The marketing of the magazine involved exploring the digital space and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which were beginning to gain traction in this country at the time.

Naturally creative and ever curious, Jacqui pursued ways and means of reducing costs and maximizing profits for her business through effective marketing in the online space. She made the switch to full-time digital media marketing in 2010, and since then has successfully created, launched and managed the online presence and communities for a number of high profile clients from 4-star boutique hotels to television shows such as Room 9 – the 5th most watched South African show to hit screens in 2012 and 2013 SAFTA winner, as well as for the second season of The Big Break Legacy show (2012/2013) and for South Africa’s premier networking event for entrepreneurs and start-ups, The Hookup Dinner.

Passionate about people, Jacqui thrives on building targeted, active, engaged online communities for brands and businesses that helps to maximize their digital marketing efforts and contribute towards a positive effect on their bottom line.

Darlene Menzies
Darlene Menzies

The World Economic Forum named Darlene Menzies one of 6 Top Female Tech Breakthrough Entrepreneurs in Africa for 2017. She is a technology innovator and serial entrepreneur with 15 years’ corporate ICT experience in the banking sector. Since leaving corporate employment in 2001, she has established several successful technology businesses and has firsthand experience in what it takes to start and grow successful enterprises in Africa and understands the difficulties entrepreneurs have to overcome to do so.

Darlene has raised more than $2.5m in early-stage funding from multiple VCCs over the past eight years to develop and commercialise innovative concepts that impact the global SMME market.

Darlene won the South Africa Innovation Entrepreneur Award in the Business Growth Category and was a top five Finalist for ICT Person of the Year alongside the MD of Microsoft. One of her fintech solutions won the award for Best Business Product at the 2013 World Summit Awards and an earlier text-based mobile solution won Nokia’s Global Judges Choice Award (top 10 from 85 countries and 1700 systems). She has been identified by Zurich-based STARS Group as a future Global Leader. Most recently, she was chosen by AWIEF (Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum) as one of five finalists from 16 African countries for their Tech Entrepreneur award.

Ingrid Lotze
Ingrid Lotze

Ingrid has extensive experience in the field of communications spanning public relations, marketing and social media. She is an Accredited Public Relations practitioner; a certified facilitator, trainer and coach; Scuba Instructor; and speaker. She is well versed in most types of communication, including the art of lip reading and she takes delight in making a difference.

Ingrid has been a leader and guide in the Women Within International community (operating under Women For Africa in SA) for the past 4 years. She volunteers for Women For Africa, actively contributing to their woman’s empowerment program. Whilst serving the 30 year old International Women’s empowerment organisation, she also co-founded “Teens-to-Queens”, a program for teenage girls, empowering them to find their voice, power and place in their world.

During her work day Ingrid owns and runs Reputation Management and Training Agencies called join.the.dots and join.the.dots Academy respectively. She has run them with her partner and husband for the past 20 years. More recently, they launched a Gender Diversity & Inclusion organisation called Hers&His. The Hers&His Cultivating Connection Co-Gender @Work program helps organisations co-create workplace equality between genders and builds a culture of inclusion through the power of curiosity.

Gillian Ezra
Gillian Ezra
Gillian has extensive experience across digital entertainment. She graduated her Masters in Digital Intellectual Property in 2012, specialising in copyright and internet related issues. In her current role as SVP of Digital Product at TRACE, she is working in the world of music and video streaming, with a focus on business development and telco relationships. She previously took up the role of Head of African Operations for Deezer, and was also instrumental in the launch of simfy africa, the first streaming service in Africa. Gillian is passionate about digital education, and is often found helping artists with grassroots education, or helping to build connections which benefit the industry in general. Gillian recently was able to expand her horizons, when she spent a year on the Eduze project, an EdTech startup, funded by the TED organisation in the USA.
Bianca Minnaar
Bonsai Mobi
Bianca Minnaar

Bianca grew up programming with her father donating his Turbo Pascal manual to the cause back in 1987. By 1997 she already wrote advanced software in four different languages. At age 21 she began her career in software development and added another three languages to meet the growing demand for Software.

By 2005 she rubbed shoulders with the top in the industry at large corporations and small business alike as she focused her campaign to distinguish herself from the norms and bounds of the IT industry. Soon her ability as programmer and visionary software inventor became the focal point and Bonsai was founded in 2010.

Her directorship of Bonsai took her back into industry as employee with the fall of Windows Mobile and the rise of Android and iOS. She dedicated another decade to mobile development in the industry as banks and big business realised the need for mobile software and reliable developers. The industry grew and many more developers flooded the market causing a massive backlog of maintenance and failure all round over the next ten years due to lack of development standards and general incompetence.

Bianca left corporate in 2017 to rekindle her passion for invention. She took an eight months sabbatical and wrote Bonsai’s Application Framework with the view that code should be written by machines and that that was the only way to implement standard into a seriously failing industry. Bonsai went online early in 2018 and produced 11 application development lifecycles on just one year. She still actively develops and assists in project development while her main focus now is to teach the Artificial Intelligence components within Bonsai and teaching developers how to write code.

Carla de Bruin
Carla de Bruin
Carla de Bruin has a Masters (MSc) in Medical Immunology and has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles in esteemed international journals. Her studies in the human transcriptome and genetic expression required her to analyse large genetic data sets. Through this, she became a self-taught programmer and gained a passion for data science. She joined OUTsurance as their first ever female data scientist, where she has used her knowledge in machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a better way of assigning leads to their call centre. Along with maintaining these models, and building new ones, she manages a young, vibrant team of data scientists within the operational space. She is passionate about data and utilising its full potential to make data-driven decisions for the company.

Event organisers

A conference run by two of South Africa’s leading tech and digital marketing professionals who are established role models for South African women, with deep domain knowledge.

Lynette Hundermark
Useful and Beautiful

An established industry expert in the digital and mobile space in Africa, Lynette is recognised as one of the top 30 most influential women in SA digital marketing, a Regional Business Woman of the Year 2018 Finalist (run by the Business Women’s Association of SA), 2018 Female Role Model in Tech National Winner (SA) and 2018 People’s Choice Winner Regional Winner in Southern Africa (Southern African Startup Awards). She has also been recognised by Fast Company in 2018 as one of the most creative people in business. In previous years she has also been a winner of numerous app development awards both locally and internationally.

With over 20 years of experience in the tech sector (that included various roles as a developer, business analyst, agile practitioner, and product manager), Lynette later found her passion in the mobile space leading all product management and digital initiatives for the initial mobile apps for major brands in SA. She later co-founded specialist mobile solutions consultancy Useful & Beautiful and has a passion for creating great customer experience that harness the power of mobile and digital to help businesses achieve their omnichannel goals for brands across Africa.

Lynette is a sought-after tech speaker, and has spoken regularly at a variety of local and international tech conferences and is frequently quoted in publications throughout Africa. She also served on the judging panel for the EduTech Africa, AfricaCom and World Retail awards, West Africa Mobile Awards and Mobile Marketing Association. She also serves on various advisory boards globally.

Samantha Perry

Samantha Perry has worked both as a journalist and PR professional in a consultancy and full-time capacity over the past 20-odd years. As a journalist, she covered the ICT sector for the likes of Computing SA (editor), ComputerWeek, and Brainstorm magazine (editor). In her capacity as a PR professional and consultant she has and does work with the likes of listed and multinational organisations including CLEVVA, LumenVox, inQuba, Striata, MTN and Google (ZA & NG). She has a Masters degree in ICT Policy and Regulation and runs an initiative called WomeninTechZA, which aims to bridge the gender diversity gap in the tech sector. She sits on the UN Office for South South Cooperation Women in Tech programme secretariat, is a regular judge of the GSMA GLOMO Awards and has spoken at a variety of events over the years including Africa Tech Week 2019, Standard Bank Top Women 2018, Leaderex 2018, several Tech4Africas, iWeek 2015, The Mzansi Women’s Film Festival 2015, and several SQL Saturdays.

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